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Providing specialist training across the entire agrifood supply chain

University of Nottingham
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Agronomists and crop scientists are looking to better understand how to produce healthier food in an efficient and sustainable manner - managing the environmental impact of agriculture, and creating maximum energy output from plants.

The AgriFood ATP offers specialist courses in soil and water management, crop protection and crop production. We also offer training in post-harvest technologies and management of economically important crops, such as potatoes, fresh produce and sugar beet. Our partners' research expertise is world renowned in areas such as plant genetics and breeding, entomology, and water management.

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CPD workshops in soils and water

Cranfield University

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The AgriFood ATP is a dynamic partnership that is continually taking advice and guidance from industry partners and associates on areas of industry training needs. New courses will be developed throughout the lifetime of the AgriFood ATP programme.

If you have an idea for a new course, please contact us.

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